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    English Writing - Syntax and Metaphors

    Syntax, put simply, is the grammatical arrangement of each element of a sentence It's main concern is ensuring the coherence of your subject, verb and object, as well as the relationships that tie them together

    Generating traffic by writing articles might seem a good way of using article marketing to your advantage, but it takes just a little knowledge and a smattering of ability to do it properly By properly, I mean by actually getting traffic through article writing and using the articles wisely

    The Five Headline Ingredients

    You can write the most persuasive, selling copy ever

    Making Money With Blog – Why Blog For Money?

    Writing blogs has become insanely popular with the passage of time From simple construction workers to political figures from across the globe, anyone and everyone can express their opinions and be heard for what they have to say

    When developing a story or article, aspiring authors often hear this writing tip: learn to incorporate the "who," "when," "where," and "how" But what often gets overlooked is the "why

    There are many article writing services offered online, but an article rewriter can likely save you as much money as any of them That is because a website content writer, skilled in rewriting existing articles in such a way as to avoid duplication, can take one article and convert it into two articles - or three, or four, or

    Tips In Writing A Eulogy For A Friend

    You want to express how fortunate you are for having him His body may not be able to hear all your thoughts about the things that drew you closer to him but his spirit will

    For many the reason for writing articles is to increase backlinks to an affiliate site, the question is though, just what exactly is the best method in going about this In terms of how to write the article itself, you have three different options, all of which have plus sides and negative sides to them- write it yourself, employ a company/ghostwiter and get them to do it for you or simply lift another piece and make adjustments

    Using Inspirational Quotes

    The use of inspirational material at work can enhance the positivity felt by team members Negativity has been an affliction in the workplace for too long

    Create Compelling Characters

    Characters can make or break your fiction It’s imperative that you people your story world with characters who feel real

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