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    Alternative Energy Consultants

    Consultants on alternative energies have predicted that shifting from an economy reigned by petroleum fuels to an economy based on alternative fuels will not be that easy Even so, the amounts of novel technologies that are constantly changing have had a definite impact so far on how we perceive economy to be

    Alternative Energy Usage in Ireland

    Ireland is pursuing energy independence by trying to develop to a larger extent the usage of alternative energy; one must take into consideration the fact that Ireland benefits from a robust economy, allowing it to research and develop resource encompassing alternative energies During modern days, almost ninety percent of the energy needs are accomplished by importation, from the energy that has become imported

    Researchers see atom power as a future solution to the problem of developing high efficiently and relatively low cost alternative energy to suit the growing energetic demands of the population on earth With the scarce resources that we have, the atom power is infinite and it is generated from one single, tiny atom

    Help May Not Make it 2u

    In today’s world there are two primary issues that should be on everyone’s consciousness That is surviving man-made or natural disasters

    What You Need To Know About Globalization

    If we were to go out on the streets in any major city and ask people to explain what globalization is and how it affects people in a “Jay Leno” type manner we would probably arrive with many different answers Why is this

    I've come to believe in recent years that living in Mexico , and for a variety of reasons, is as close as you can get to living in The Twilight Zone The reasons for this are not all Mexican, I have to say from the beginning

    In the past dozen years or so a major controversy has developed through out the world about changes that are supposedly taking place with the earth's climate There is a large body of opinion that believes the earth's temperature is getting warmer due to the increase in greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2), caused by the burning of fossil fuels and increasing industrial activity, and unless governments take action to remedy the situation then mankind is in serious trouble

    We Have a Responsibility to Our People

    As of November, the European Union’s official stance was that they had no plans for a rescue package that even resembled the plans of the United States bailout package implemented by Paulson The plan constructed by the United States in response to the fallout of the subprime mortgage market and many investment banks, was seen as much too elaborate for the European Union's needs

    In these times, the term sustainable development is being applied to nearly everything from energy, clean water, construction, to economic growth As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to question either the basic assumptions behind sustainable development or the way these assumptions are being put to use

    The Battle of Vienna - 1683

    Summer in Vienna is hot and humid As July, 1683 began, Hapsburg Archduke Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, had retreated to his estate at Perchtoldsdorf to escape the oppressive heat of the city

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