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    The Looming Afghanistan Disaster

    Their Drive-by-Media, have largely swept this administration's multitude of failures and gaffes under the rug God help us, but all this may be about to change and the sheer incompetence with which Obama and his administration is stumbling through history could possibly and tragically crash down on us like a zillion tons of bricks and American blood

    I recently stayed at a high-end Hotel for business and was struck by how empty the place was No matter where I went I was alone, wandering the halls of a seemingly empty facility

    Everyday you hear something on the television or radio promoting the green movement You decide that there's no reason not to join on the bandwagon and give the "go green" movement a try

    Gifts For Earth Day

    In these days of environmental awareness, Earth Day is more popular and important than ever It’s celebrated on April 22nd, and is intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment

    Over the last couple years, many consumers were burned badly by the state of the economy and the failing of many of the banks people have relied upon for generations At the beginning of 2007, the United States had five investment banks, through which a lot of investment transactions occurred

    Occupation of Japan

    Finally I was at the headquarters of the occupation located in Zama, Japan, for assignment I was interrogated by officers of the 8th Army and the 1st Cavalry division

    There's no question that our planet is warming up Average global temperatures have risen around the world in the last 100 years, especially in the past 20 years

    Is Global Warming a Hoax?

    As winter grips the Northern Hemisphere and record cold snaps blanket the region in snow and ice, it's difficult to imagine a phenomenon such as global warming Of course, even as temperatures plunge north of the Equator, Australia is engulfed in a drought with catastrophic wildfires sweeping across the continent

    One of the Poorest Countries in the World

    The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a landlocked country, located in the center of the Asian continent Afghanistan is an ancient region that is full of historical prominence, sharing history with bordering countries like Iran, Pakistan, and China, and has historically linked with several outer countries like the Soviet Union, and the United States of America

    Free Energy

    All energy is free It takes a lot of work to keep people in a state of confusion It is only possible if you work at it all day everyday year after year

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