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    What makes someone an effective leader Take a moment and think of the person whom you have most admired/enjoyed having as a leader

    “Deep within humans dwell those slumbering powers; powers that would astonish them, that they never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize their lives if aroused and put into action” ---Orison Marden It’s 9:01 a

    A Leadership Lesson For Tumultuous Times

    Optimism is true moral courage Determining to be hopeful and positive in the face of daunting circumstances is a gutsy choice effective leaders make again and again

    The Eastern Ontario dairy farm on which I grew up had numerous oak trees I have fond memories of collecting autumn oak leaves colored red and orange-brown or fallen acorns for science projects during my school years

    Let s face it, there is a lot going on out there Our economy is on the fritz and every news story tells us that one more multimillion dollar company needs a government bailout

    7 Ways To Connect With Success

    Any article about entrepreneurship includes advice to surround yourself with people who have been successful and learn from them One of the biggest challenges, however, is finding those successful people and placing yourself under their tutelage

    It is mid afternoon You are sitting at your desk trying to pull together this important proposal for your boss

    “Our people are the key to our success” How so very often we have heard executives mouth these words

    What if We Brought in a Facilitator?

    Is your upcoming meeting a strategic planning session A sales or project launch

    Kickstarting a Brand New Team

    Do you remember the last time you attended the initial meeting of a new task force or project team at work No one could agree on the goals

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