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    Conquering the Iceberg

    In my latest book, Brilliant Leader, I make the point that a person's capability can be summed up by considering an iceberg Some of an iceberg is visible but most of it is below the surface

    Any type of effort or endeavor should have a head organizer or a leader The leader is the one in charged of making sure every part of the plan is in effect and that everything is taking place according to plan

    36 Proven Ways to Motivate Employees

    The Real Reason Employees Work: 36 Proven Ways To Motivate If you still think money is the #1 motivator

    Leadership Tips For Hotel Managers

    As a person who guides or directs others in the hotel management field, it is important to understand what leadership requires and what some of the different styles of leadership are If you can understand what kind of leadership style you have, it will become easier to take on the role of leader and change your style based on the needs of your employees

    We all agree that working in groups is not effective Right

    In our current crazy business climate, managers and executives are becoming obsolete and are being replaced by leaders The new manager/executive must be an expeditor and leader rather than an order giver and manager of people

    Considered as one of the most intensive certification programs available, many are focused on intensifying their PMP training to keep up To cope with the challenges of a PMP certification exam, most exam takers employ different PMP exam prep methods that suit their own learning styles and preferences

    Are You Disciplined For Success?

    Are you achieving all the success you want in your life; if not, do not expect success to fit into your current habits You are going to have to adopt and develop new habits

    The importance of the leadership qualities of managers in the hospitality industry today can't be overestimated The recent economic downturn has made hotel accommodations a luxury item with many travelers and its leadership that will bring guests to the door

    Bravery and humility - often at the heart of fairy tales – are qualities that can inspire all of us to be the best that we can be And, with the doom and gloom of the economic crisis, we were primed and about ready for a miracle

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