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    Leadership is a crucial yet difficult skill True leadership isn't tangible, isn't easily measured and it isn't common

    Award Plaques

    Show your employees how much you appreciate them by giving them personalized award plaques for their outstanding work or accomplishments During these times of slow economical circumstances it is more important than ever to show your gratitude towards the employees that you have working for you

    How to Make Your Team a Motivated Powerhouse

    Creating an inspired, motivated, and more importantly; productive team is an easier task than you would expect You simply need to use the right techniques and teamwork tips

    Being a leader you have to train your skills on decision making Because of my extended experience I can help giving these reflection topics

    Entrepreneurs are some of the most powerful individuals in society Not simply because they're wealthy

    In the public and private sectors there is a lack of proper ethical preparation on CEOs and senior executives, Middle Managers & Supervisors and new New Employees Some topics how to organize their formation using E – Learning short courses • It is not possible to "train" people to behave ethically, merely to make them aware of the issues, the benefits of integrity and the penalties for transgression; • Must mention but minimize the negative and not be accusatory or confrontational; • Needs not only to deal with the obvious, but the unconscious behaviours that people do not always associate with ethics; • Emphasis given to how ethics can permeate other systems and processes, eg: IT, selection & recruitment, use of property, cash handling, supervision of staff, EEO etc

    7 Tips on Leadership For Young People

    As a teenager, I KNOW how hard it is to feel like you 'fit in' during high school, college or university That’s why I've prepared this brief list of tips on how to lead as a young person

    We are currently facing a crisis unlike anything we've experienced before It doesn't matter whether you look at the financial markets, the housing market, or SMEs, the story is the same

    How To Improve Your Leadership Skills

    This quite guide on how to improve leadership I hope will be an inspiration to some of you further explore the world of personal development, and realise more of our potential by improving ourselves and the way we deal with the world Some describe leadership as a form of management technique, while others see it as a more complicated invisible social hierarchy that transcends job titles

    Leadership and the Impact on Marketing

    Recently, a client asked me to read a book, along with his senior management team to discuss the contents and their company The book was called “Leader to Leader” from the Druker Foundation

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