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    Since 1982, Firmati & Griffati has provided commercial and marketing services for Italian clothing and Made in Italy importers and exporters, including the services involved in creating "private labels" We offer consultancy and operational services for all companies and entrepreneurs who want to deal in "Made in Italy": Italian brands and Italian clothing and accessories

    According to the latest Insolvency Service figures for England and Wales published on 1st May 09, nearly 5000 companies went into liquidation in the first quarter of 2009 This figure is over 50% higher than the same quarter of 2008

    The world is an information highway now with a multitude of different avenues for receiving it When looking to buy a franchise or interested in franchising your business you have 3 main options of where to gain your franchise information from

    Creative Ideas For Your Company Calendar

    A company calendar is a mainstay for many gift presentations to clients and business contacts at Christmas time; they come in all shapes, sizes and taste ranging from the professionally shot and prepared iconic office gifts to the tacky and pornographic In between lies the vast majority of calendars and many could do with a little e makeover in the imagination department but never the less, these gifts last for an entire year and therein lies their marketing worth

    Open your desk drawer or wallet and pull out a business card - any business card will do and this is not the start of a conjuring trick I want you to feel the card - how does it fit with your fingers; does it feel robust; does it say, "I'm good quality" or is it simply a floppy piece of card with some numbers on it

    In the current economic climate it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell your property quickly whilst achieving the highest price possible Therefore homeowners are realising the need to make their property more appealing to a larger market, what appeals to you may not to prospective buyers

    As the recession continues to bite, more and more businesses are finding it difficult to continue trading However, very often these difficulties are not because customers have stopped buying completely

    How To Lease Dental Equipment

    The expense of dental care is going up and the economy is out of sorts and therefore patients are waiting before going to the dentist This means dentist need to make the best use of their money

    Work From Home: What You Need to Know First

    Have you been considering home based business opportunities If so, you’re certainly not alone, as there are an increasing number of people who are considering the idea of working from home very seriously

    Turn your old junk into a $10k a month online business

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