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Simon Oates

Simon Oates is an expert personal development author on his blog Leadership Expert. Leadership Expert breaks down the subject of leadership into bite-size areas that you can work an your own pace, to provide a peaceful and steady path to improving your leadership skills.
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I often get many people emailing me with questions such as 'How do I write about personal topics', 'How can I motivate people with my articles

Is the 'Modern' Leadership Model Dead?

With the economic recession in full swing, the fortune 500 seeing an 84% drop in profits, and unemployment rates rising One has to ask the question: "Is our trusted leadership model dead

Leadership Styles Used in Familes

Families are brilliant groups of humanity They represent the love and warmth that we all desire from life, and can help us grow as individuals in so many ways during our lives

Classes can become absolute nightmares if you don't have the right skills and techniques to cope with everything your students can throw at you A great teacher needs to be able to stay one step ahead of their class, and be able to use ethical mind control techniques to keep your pupils under tight control

3 Expert Tips For Teaching Success

Teaching is a brilliant profession Few other jobs are so engaging, fresh and lively

How to Cope With the Death of a Business Leader

Tragedy can strike at any time in an organisation, and the loss of a leader, especially a great one - can shatter the management of a stable company This article will explain what you can do to help your organisation to prevent disruption in the event of the loss of a key member of staff, and what to do should the worst ever happen

Cars - one of the engineering triumphs of the last century, and still one of the world’s finest talking points If you ever find yourself in a social situation and the conversation topic turns to cars, do you switch on or switch off

In the heat of recession - the world is a fast paced place, and change is coming thick and fast If you want your child to be able weather storms and stand on their own two feet in this competitive and dynamic world - you need to ensure they have Leadership skills

Around the world, there has been a recent backlash against corporate executives Citing massive bonuses and minimal oversight - critics have attacked business leaders and have brought the reputation of being a senior manager crashing down

How Your Age Influences Your Leadership Skills

Aging is a process that we must all navigate through in life Even though its the only challenge that we must all face - it often feels like a terribly personal one, and is often a challenge that we face alone