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Vincent Norman

Vincent Norman is a freelance writer living in the UK. He regularly contributes fashion articles for The Online Shopping Centre, who offer the best range of online clothes shops.
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Affordable Fashion For Less

Everybody wants to look good and fashionable For most, this means watching the designer's up and coming collections for what is in style

Well the Christmas season is upon us yet again Wow

Tips on Shopping For Electronics

Shopping for electronics can be a daunting task, even for the seasoned shopper So many brands, types, formats, etc… How can you be sure you are getting the best value for your money

Top Tips on Giving a Garden Makeover

Gardens need makeovers, too, for many reasons These include changes in the soil conditions, change in seasons, change in lifestyle preferences and even just a change of mind

When you are feeling the effects of the recession, clothes might be the first casualty of your budget After all, you can always recycle, re-use and redesign your old wardrobe to suit new trends

Tips on Packing For Your Holiday

The fictional Mr Bean could have given tips on packing for a holiday albeit you will probably end up with just one slipper, one pair of cut-off shorts, one flower-printed shirt, a very small towel, a handleless toothbrush and a smidgen of toothpaste, all stuffed into a small suitcase and then carried in a bigger one

Does Fashion Have to Be Expensive?

Admittedly, the clothes of John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney, to mention a few famous British designers, can cost a small fortune for the average person However, being fashionable need not be expensive, not with these tips on finding the best bargains

Top Tips When Buying on the Internet

When it comes to shopping online, you may love the variety and the convenience, but what about the uncertainty and the concern that you may be a victim of fraud The truth of the matter is that in the vast majority of cases, shopping online is just as safe as shopping at the local shopping centre

Your Fashionable Online Shopping Experience

When it comes to fashion, getting the season's latest items is a must While celebrities and rich people can easily gain access to the exclusive shops that distribute such items, we are usually left with whatever the high-end shoppers have left for us to prey on

Useful Tips For Online Shoppers

Online shopping can be both convenient and confusing Because you no longer need to drive and wait in line just to complete your weekly shopping, buy goods on sale or make a go for that latest season’s wardrobe, buying products online enables you to save fuel and time