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Jane Sumerset

Watch how advanced English writing software instantly puts your writing to an expert level and learn how innovative NLP writing technology can help you to write persuasive copy.
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Whatever kind of work you're doing, the faster you can finish, the more time you make for yourself The same is true for repairing electronics as it is with writing

Writing Press Releases For SEO

If you're running a business, no matter how small, writing press releases can be one of your most important avenues for marketing When doing press releases, it's always best to hire a company that specializes in them, as they would be familiar with the details of what makes them work

When holding business-related functions and events (such as a product launch or an industry lecture), your invitation letters matter While it's impossible to correctly predict how many recipients will actually show up, an enticing invitation should help the number of positive responses considerably

I earn my living as a writer, churning out copy for blogs, magazines and other publications Like most folks who grew up around computers, I depend heavily on software tools to make my work easier

I shop a lot online and, as such, am frequently exposed to landing pages and sales pitches of all sorts and designs Being a copywriter myself, I notice many selling errors that writers commit all too frequently, each of which can affect your entire sales process

For many of us, writing copy is designed not to just impart information In many situations, we design our writing to impress

Copywriting - How to Write Informational Copy

When writing informational pieces, there are few things more important than being clear When your copy is ambiguous and vague, after all, it defeats the whole purpose of reading an informative piece

English Writing - Syntax and Metaphors

Syntax, put simply, is the grammatical arrangement of each element of a sentence It's main concern is ensuring the coherence of your subject, verb and object, as well as the relationships that tie them together

There are many ways to deliver a presentation, the worst of which is composing a long and boring speech Even with the greatest message in the world, it can easily be ignored when your presentation fails to reach your audience in a powerful way

English is a very difficult and complicated language to learn Many individuals who attempt to learn the language struggle at first, and oftentimes these individuals give up before they become fluent