Biking is an excellent way to get into shape. It is an easy exercise that not only helps you, but the environment also. Some important things to remember when biking are:

- Get the right gear. It is super important to invest in a good bike if you are serious about cycling. The experts suggest that you visit a few bike shops to see what type of service they offer, and what type of bikes they carry. You want to make sure that you purchase your bike from a shop that offers good service, because that is where you will most likely take it for repairs.

- Get the best bike that you can afford. Many times the less expensive bikes have a heavier frame that can make it harder for you to bike uphill. You should also invest in a professional fitting. This is when a bike technician adjusts all of the bikes features to fit your body. Having your bike properly adjusted can mean the difference between a comfortable ride and aches and pains.

- Make sure safety comes first. A helmet is a must, don’t ride without one. If you fall off your bike and hit your head without a helmet that can mean major injury. Other parts of your body are less dangerous to injure. Breaking your wrist is nothing like fracturing your skull. So put on a helmet no matter what. Other pads can be optional, a helmet should never be optional. You may also want to invest in gloves, biking shoes, and the proper shatterproof sunglasses. This other gear will help prevent minor injuries and make riding much more comfortable.

- Learn how to fix a flat. Ask the technician and sales people at the bike shop to show you how. Carry a little air pump in your pack or attached to your bike. That way you can always fill up your tire with air on the trails or road. You can also pick up some tire filler. This will fill a flat tire with goop and seal any holes, plus fill it up with air. This is more of a onetime fix in order to get you to your car home. After that you should have the tire fixed correctly.

Before you begin your routine, always remember to stretch. The deep lunge, stability ball lift, and standing ankle-to-knee hold are all very helpful for bikers.

Some exercises that can help build your biking power are the bicycle crunch, the overhead lunge, and the single-leg squat with bar.

There are a variety of locations to choose from when it comes to biking. You may want to check into the parks located in your town. If your neighbor hood is quiet, that may be a great option as well. You want to look for a place that has little traffic, and make sure to take all of the safety precautions to keep you safe out there. You can also check the mountain biking trails and locations. Mountain biking will get you off the beat track and away from most people and vehicles.