If you have been training for a while, and have made some progress but seem to be lacking a little motivation, what better way to get back on track then to sign up for a competition? There are several different competitions out there, so no matter what your favorite routine may be, there is probably something out there for you.

There are several running competitions to sign up for. If you are a beginner, why not start with something small like a 5k run. This may sound intimidating, but it is only 3.1 miles, and a very attainable goal if you are dedicated to training. If you are a little more advanced then try a 10k run. The distance on this one is a little longer, but a great incentive to keep training. For the super advanced there is the half marathon and the full marathon. The half marathon is 13.1 miles long, while the marathon is 26 miles. Both of these are better suited for the experienced runner who may need a little extra motivation.

There are many biking races, either mountain biking or street biking. If you are not into racing then there are some fantastic free rides, where dozens of bikers gather and ride long distances together. I live in Seattle Washington and we have a ride that boards 3 ferries, rides across 2 islands and through tulip fields. It is quite a fantastic ride.

You can check some of your local pools to see if they have some open swim competitions. Many pools have public competitions or private leagues you can join. If you love to swim then this may be an extremely fun option for you.

A triathlon consists of three different elements; running, swimming, and biking. There are several different triathlons to choose from, and they all have different distances. The Ironman triathlon consists of 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking, and 26 miles of running. There are shorter triathlons like the White Lake Half Triathlon; it consists of 1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles of bike riding, and 13.1 miles of running. These competitions are for the more seasoned athlete, but it is a great goal to train towards for anyone.

If you like weightlifting, and spend a lot of time working on the appearance of your body, a bodybuilding competition may be for you. There are several to choose from. This is also a great way to work towards your goal.

When you are considering a competition, remember that winning is not the most important factor, it is being able to complete the competition. Set your goals and work towards them, you will feel great on competition day when you complete the task. In fact if it is your first time entering these competitions chances are, you will not win. There are people that train for these competitions all year round, especially the triathlon. Make your first goal to get involved and once your involved you will know the level at which you need to perform in order to win, cause let’s face it… everyone likes to win.