CARHARTT CAMOUFLAGE AP PANTS: For 119 years, the Carharrt name has come to mean quality, affordability, reliability, and durability. For 23 years, the Realtree brand has also come to be known for its innovative pattern designs that are distinctive as work or casual wear, and almost invisible when used for hunting.

There is a new line of Carharrt wear coming out this fall, and it promises the same value that has built its reputation for 119 years.

The new product is the Carhartt camouflage AP Pants for men, and along with comes the reputation for durability, construction and functionality that is associated with the Carhartt name. However, these are not just ordinary work pants, these pants are good for the workplace, or for the hunting trip, and they serve equally well in both environments. The reason is that they not only have the durability that is synonymous with the Carhartt brand, they also have the bonus of the Realtree camouflage design that is both fashionable and functional at the same time.

Carhartt camouflage WorkCamo AP Pants have the reliable construction of 12 ounce, 100% cotton duck, and are designed to be worn slightly below the wais. The left leg holds a ruler pocket and hammer loop, while the right leg has a double tool pocket, and there are two highly re-enforced pockets at the back. Ease of movement was in mind when Carhartt designed the nineteen inch boot openings in the legs, and the seat and full fit thigh feature comfort and ease of movement together. WorkWear1 offers these pants in advance of the fall season, so that you can get the jump on fall by ordering early.

The other attraction of these pants isn’t just their ease of movement coupled with their tough construction, it’s the thoughtful camouflage pattern by Realtree who have become known for their effective camouflage designs over 23 years. The design is easy on the eye in a casual setting, and it is almost impossible to detect in a hunting environment, making these pants the smart thing to buy for those who live in one or both worlds. When you log into the WorkWear1 website at, you will see the advantage of ordering early. Normally, the Carhartt camouflage WorkCamo AP Pants for men go for $50.00, but if you order from the WorkWear1 website, the price is just $39.99!

For ruggedness, thoughtful construction and ease of movement, the Carhartt camouflage WorkCamo AP Pants for men has the added bonus of a brilliant camo pattern that will be a proven asset in either the work, casual, or hunting environment. Some may think that it is too early to advertise these pants now, but the smart ones know that that is how you take advantage of the “wait and see types”. When the fall hits, and you’ll be ready, while the others are still waiting for their order to come in. so go to WorkWear1 and look for the order number, B235CAP to order yours now.