Using your SMS gateway, (short messaging service), can improve your business and increase sales. By using bulk SMS messages, you can reach many potential customers or existing customers in the touch of a button. It is a great way to make announcements, let customers know about product promotions or discounts, or just give them an incentive to send you referrals.

Many businesses have taken advantage of the quick and easy bulk SMS messages using an SMS gateway to reach many people quickly. An SMS gateway may have easy access to over 200,000 customers in their network, and being a part of that network gives you a built in audience to get your message out by using email to SMS or bulk SMS messaging.

If you are holding an event, even if it is free, often there is only a 30%-40% turnout because other things come up or they forget. It has been found that you can double your attendance by sending little reminders from time to time, just to keep them in your mind, during a busy schedule. This results in a larger audience to market your product or service and makes it easier to book enough space for your event.

The same is true of product sales or a business open house, for example. Also, discount offers and new product introductions can be easily introduced by using an SMS gateway to send bulk SMS messages or emails.

Some of the most popular SMS messages involve invitations to free events, seminars, open houses, or introductory product discounts. It is easy to use bulk SMS messages to increase your visibility and build customer loyalty. You can mention codes to track where they heard about your event or sale, and bulk SMS messages are a quick and cost effective way to get the message out and keep it in front of them.

The 5 most popular SMS messages involve:

1. Come for a free seminar on how to use our product. A 10% discount will be offered at our show, which has limited availability. Make plans to come and mention code-10% OFF, when booking your reservation.

2. Mention this message to receive your complimentary edition of our new book, when you purchase our instructional set of DVDs.- Code: BOOK

3. Buy one; get one at half price, when you bring a friend to our open house. Just mention this message when you RSVP.

4. Receive a free accessory, up to $20 value, when you purchase in the next 30 days.

5. Free 90 day trial membership when you mention Code: 90.

These are just a few of the examples of some of the most popular sales incentive bulk SMS messages that have proven success, using an SMS gateway to get your message out. Of course, based on your business, there may be some that might be more effective, but these can give you some general ideas of methods that have worked for others.

The important thing is to use bulk SMS messaging to keep your name in front of potential customers and remind them of upcoming sales or events that can help promote your products or services, and be beneficial for your customers, to help you build sales and customer loyalty.