Long leather gloves
Leather is usually measured as a fashion statement coming in different forms, styles, designs and price ranges. Providing unmatchable durability and excellent weather resistance, leather gloves have the reputation for style, comfort and ever-lasting quality. Leather does not get worn out and it simply tends to get better with age. Long leather gloves are one of the items made up of leather that get personality, character and uniqueness for their owners.

Long leather gloves are usually worn as formal gloves reaching beyond the elbows of the wearer. One of the most expensive gloves are the long gloves made up of kid leather or kid skin. Other types of leather like soft varieties of cow hide are also used for making long gloves and suede and patent leather are also used as alternatives to the expensive kid skin. It has been known that long gloves are worn since as late as 18th century and were very popular during Napoleonic and Regency periods. They seemed to enjoy their greatest trend in the last few years of 19th century and first few years of 20th century. During those periods, these gloves were worn both at day time and in the evenings with different types of outfits and dresses, even some of the swimming suits also. In today’s age also, a well-dressed lady at some public occasion is uncommon to be seen without long leather gloves at a public occasion.

In today’s age, long leather gloves are a popular accessory for women who like to add an elegant touch to a formal outfit. These gloves are a popular accessory for prom, debutante and bridal gowns and are a must at formal ball room dances. For example, wearing white long gloves is compulsory for the female participants of Vienna Opera Ball. Burlesque performers and can can dancers also wear these gloves, especially while performing gown and glove dances. The most popular type of long gloves is the one which has a wrist-level opening closed by snap closures or buttons. These kinds of gloves have buttons on the wrist so that the wearer can open them and slip their hands out without the need to take out the full glove. The fingers section is folded in and tidily kept away and this is very comfortable especially if you are attending a dinner party.

Several ladies wear long leather gloves all day during summer to protect their ideal fair skin that represents their beauty, high social status and grace. Therefore, these gloves are successful in protecting their skin from any kind of tanning. Long gloves are available in several different forms including gauntlets and mittens. Gauntlets are fingerless gloves with a huge opening for the fingers while mittens are gloves that cover the entire hands including the fingers but do not have individual openings for every finger. Mittens are more useful for people who are looking for gloves to get protection from cold as the fingers inside the glove remain in touch with each other and thus create more warmth.