1. We Can Work for Someone Else

We can work for someone else and get reimbursed for every hour or every widget or every sale (that’s the way most people do it. That process looks something like this:

Make something or buy something you can sell for a profit, advertise, sell, pack, ship, collect cash, and repeat. You are likely doing one of those activities for a living right now (or you are managing other people doing those things). Do you plan to
grow rich doing that? Just a question.

2. Work for Ourselves

Next, we can work for ourselves and get paid for every widget or every sale we make (hundreds of thousands are doing this on eBay, but very few are making a full time living at it). That process looks like this: Make something or buy something you can sell for a profit, advertise, sell, pack, ship, collect cash, and repeat. The only difference between those two scenarios is we do it all ourselves in the second example, and all the numbers are smaller.

Some very successful eBay “Power Sellers” are working 40 hours per week selling hundreds of items in hundreds of auctions - they are admired by many of us as “eBay success stories.” You might see them in a different light after reading this book.

3. Traditional Investing

Another option is to invest our money and let it earn for us. That’s always a good idea, but this article is not about traditional investing. Can you name any other methods of earning money? Think about it for a minute before going on. Thinking of it on your own will put you in the right frame of mind to absorb the power of the concept I’ve got for you. Read the top of this article again if you have to and see if you can think of another way to earn money that isn’t listed above. Some call it “autopilot income,” some call it “residual income,” and I call it my “Silent Sales Machines.” The process works like this. Turn the machine on. Walk away from it. Collect the cash forever (or for a very long time). Do the work now, get paid and keep getting paid and paid and paid.There are several benefits to this kind of income. The freedom it brings makes it very attractive. You owe it to yourself to spend at least some time every week establishing sources of income that follow this principle. You can start with little or no money. An eBay auction costs you a little change out of your pocket to test! Several of the tools and ideas I'll be showing you cost you absolutely nothing to try.

4.The power of residual income

The “residual income” techniques that is on this article shows you how you will set up multiple “hands-free” income streams by harnessing the power of eBay and the Internet. Even if it takes a little effort to get the first one established, you will be well rewarded for your efforts! I set up my first “ebay business” in less than a week from start to finish. It now makes predictable steady cash with no effort. My time is free to create more income streams. Two of the many authors that inspired me on my road to build my eBay business the first version of my book are Robert Kiyosaki and Robert Allen. They are both big fans of the “multiple streams of income” concept. A goal of mine since the mid 90’s has been to create multiple income streams for myself and my family. As I type this paragraph today I no longer have an employer. Instead I have about 25 income streams – none of which require daily attention. Some of my income streams are as small as $100-$200 per month. Some streams are significantly larger. Add them all up and I’d have to work 60 hour weeks as a CEO of a major corporation to get the same income results – and I wouldn’t get to be home with my family during the day. I RARELY trade dollars for hours any more. I'm even frequently approached by traditional businesses that want to work with me on projects and ask what my hourly rate is. Even though I typically charge upwards of $700 per hour I normally turn down trading dollars for hours. I'm much more interested in working with clients that will agree to pay me an ongoing percentage of all resulting profits because then I have just established another income stream. One of the most popular blog posts I've ever written got literally HUNDREDS of replies when I posted it. It was on this very topic of automated income. Here's the simple question I posed – it's a choice between two income opportunities:

OPTION ONE: You can have FOUR separate AUTOMATED income streams that each produce $1K per month consistently. (Total $4k/month)

OPTION TWO: You can have ONE income stream that requires a few hours of daily attention and produces $6K or more per month. (Total $6K/month) What’s your choice?