What could make a woman feel more chic, more beautiful or richer than carrying a beautiful, stylish designer purse? Available in many styles, shapes, colors, all made from companies known for their fashionable well-made clothing, these companies get the purses just right too. Most women would like a new one for the passing of every season. But with so many shapes, sizes, and colors available, like most women no doubt would like some tips on how to choose just the right one to suit you. Like the best fitting, best flattering dress, purses must fit your shape, your style, and even your height as well.

In general you should consider your height and body shape first when selecting a bag. Be careful not to just shop based on the season’s fashion or to just shop with your eyes. You need to choose a purse that will look attractive with your overall look, one that will not just reflect your personality but one that will flatter your figure, your size, and one you can afford. You might not know that short women should consider tall, slim, purses to contrast with their figures. For tall women, on the other hand, large round ones will usually look best. As far as color goes, most women like their bags to match their shoes, but the right designer purse might be more important than that. If you choose well, you won’t need to change with your shoes. If you don’t wish to have several purses or can’t afford a whole closet full to match your shoes, neutral colors like brown, beige, or black make good choices. But some designers are so well-known that the designer purse will call so much attention to itself that the shoes will fall into the background anyway, especially if they are moderately neutral.

As far as fabric or leather, leather will always be more expensive, but probably worth it. Choosing lightweight can be a good plan, but the best quality leather that is found in designer purses will be heavy and not light.

Genuine designer purses are usually shockingly expensive. They could cost as much as your entire budget for a year’s worth of clothes. In order to know what to expect if you buy in the store, you should best make a little trip to websites to find out what to expect before you get there. Neiman Marcus, Saks, Net-a Porter, and Saks’ websites will give you an immediate idea as to whether you can afford one. If you wish to proceed, and you want to make sure you get a genuine one, the best way to purchase is to head straight for one of the high-end stores. If you choose to purchase elsewhere, check the seams, extra details, and specialized buckles or zippers. Any tiny irregularly usually signals a fake.

There are excellent alternatives available though. You can a lovely fake designer bag, and you will be the only one to know. These days imitation designer bags can be found just about anywhere. You will rarely fine cheap leather, misspelled brand names, and mismatches as were so common in the past. Sometimes the only difference between the real and the imitation is the name, perhaps not even the quality. So why pay $500.00 when you can pay $50.00 and get virtually the same thing?