Setting up your own elite proxy is something that anyone looking to save money and get a high quality proxy server to use should seriously consider. There is a plethora of online providers offering proxy services of many kinds. While getting proxy IPs from a service provider might seem like the best thing to do for many people, in actual fact you are probably getting sluggish IPs at a price way beyond what they are really worth. The best way to get a fast and reliable proxy server at a rock bottom price is by learning how to setup your own elite proxy server. It is much easier and simpler than some people may think.

There are two important points to remember when going about setting up your own elite proxy server. The first is that you will need to find a reliable host that can offer hosting services with the right kind of hardware that can handle and run a proxy. Not all web hosting provided by hosting companies is suitable for proxy use. Many hosts provide simple hosting that is targeted towards customers looking to setup websites. While this kind of simple web hosting may be suitable for some low end web proxy scripts (which in actual fact shouldn't be called proxies due to their complete lack of anonymous capabilities), it is not suitable for elite proxy installation and as such can't be used. Therefore, it is important you find a host that can provide you with the specific kind of hardware that is required for proxy servers. You will also need to verify that your host is in the country from which you want to get IPs. It is pointless and a complete waste of time and money to find a host in Germany if you are looking to obtain US IPs. Generally speaking, hosts are only able to provide IPs from the country they are located in. While sometimes this isn't the case, it is a safe bet to assume that if you want to obtain Australian IPs for your proxy server, you will need to find a host located in Australia in order to get the Australian IPs. Once you've found a host that offers the specific hardware required to setup your proxy server, you will then need to focus on the actual software and configuration of your proxy.

With a host who can provide you with the right kind of configuration, you are now able to install and setup your proxy server. This takes you to the next step of ensuring that the hosting provided comes supplied with the correct Operating System and control panel. These two pieces of software are essential to ensure you are able to install and configure the software that is required to create a proxy server. Without the right OS, the software you must install simply will not run. Likewise, if you obtain hosting that does not come supplied with a control panel or comes with one that you are unfamiliar with, setting up your elite proxy may be difficult to near impossible.

Before you obtain any hosting to setup your proxy server on, it is always best to email the hosting companies and double check that they are able to provide you with the required hardware and software setup that you need. Many hosting companies offering simple or watered down hosting that is designed for websites and nothing more. Setting up your own elite proxy requires something a little more powerful than this. While it may seem a little daunting, with the right hosting package, setting up your own elite proxy server is very easy and often takes less than 30 minutes.