Cosmetic surgery has been a godsend for individuals who desire physical change; change that only a licensed doctor specializing in facelifts and chemical peels can offer them. The resulting effects can result in a great boost to self-esteem; healing, restoring and enhancing people’s physical attributes.

But many people come out of the operating room dissatisfied with what they have. They feel that plastic surgery in all its many forms have changed little in their lives. They begin to regret the money they spent, pain endured and the healing time required.

What separates those who benefit from cosmetic surgery and those that suffer from its effects are simple: their reasons for choosing to get cosmetic surgery.

Individuals who are able to clearly and realistically identify their reasons for getting plastic surgery will be able to reap the benefits that it has to offer them. Yet many people fail to realize how important clearly identifying their reasons for getting this kind of surgery – they are the ones who end up disillusioned and disappointed.

So before you or anyone you know opts for a cosmetic surgery, make sure to keep these four simple questions in mind before committing to the operating table:

What is the reason?
This is the fundamental question you have to ask yourself when opting for cosmetic surgery. Whether it is to fight the effects of aging or to restore a burned face back to its original form and shape, identifying what you want is the first step to a successful cosmetic surgery. It is this reason that will ultimately determine the effect that you are looking for, and will be the key to being satisfied with the results.

What are your expectations?
Once you have the reasons listed down, you then need to focus on the specifics. If finding the reason for getting surgery is the big picture, then identifying your expectations would be the little dots that make up that big picture. Carefully listing down your expectations will help you pen down the list of objectives cosmetic surgery will accomplish; making it easier for both you and your doctor to solve any problems that may come up in the long run.

How will cosmetic surgery meet your expectations?
Part of listing down your expectations is reviewing the efficiency of cosmetic surgery in meeting the aforementioned expectations. Answering this question carefully and with great care will further solidify your expectations by lining them with what cosmetic surgery has to offer; ensuring that you will get exactly what you want once the operation is over.

How much are you willing to invest?
Investment here is not just in terms of money: time, healing and maintenance are other factors that come into play with cosmetic surgery, while an infinite number of social and personal factors will come into play. You have to carefully consider all that is required in order to successfully go through with cosmetic surgery.

These five questions are simple but surprisingly difficult to answer. But as long as you answer them truthfully and without deception to yourself or your surgeon, you will find all that you are looking for with cosmetic surgery.