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Enhance Your Yard by Adding a Pond
Stefan Hyross
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By Stefan Hyross
Published on 06/1/2009
For an instant focal point to your backyard, think about building a pond The soothing music of water erupting from a fountain will be sure to help you relax

For an instant focal point to your backyard, think about building a pond. The soothing music of water erupting from a fountain will be sure to help you relax. However, before you begin digging, there are a few things to remember to create the perfect backyard oasis.

The first thing you should do is to call your municipality to make sure that there are no gas or electric lines buried underneath the area you have selected for your pond. Older trees will have significant root systems so try to stay away from them. For everyone's enjoyment, select a spot that can be seen from most of the garden. Alternatively, you can tuck it away in a corner and profusely landscape the area so that it becomes a little retreat.

Contour the size and shape of your water feature with a string. Shapes are restricted when using a pre-formed pond. When using a liner you can allow your creativity run wild. When you begin digging, keep in mind the plateau for the plant terrace which will be about eight inches down and one foot wide for liners or determined by the size of your pre-formed pond. Now would be a good time to double check that the pond's edges are level. Unless you have a power source near the pond, don't forget to dig a shallow trench to bury the PVC pipe that will house the electric cord.

To prepare the base of the water feature, line it with about one inch of sand. The terraced steps should also be covered by sand. If using a pre-formed pond, place it in the pit. Otherwise, begin laying down the liner. Trim four feet longer and wider than the actual water feature will aid. Push the liner down and smooth out any creases.

You may now begin to fill the pond. With a pre-formed liner, you want to begin backfilling the space underneath the pond and time it so that you are finished at about the same time the pond is filled. In the option of a liner, keep in mind to continue pulling the liner taunt. If you are utilizing a pump to work a fountain or waterfall, place it at the bottom of the pond and hide the cord.

Decorating up your pond can be great fun. Begin by laying down flat rocks around your pond and stagger a second layer for a natural look. Hang over the rocks a bit over the water. Lay the cord for your pump in between rocks and camouflage it with another flat rock.

Landscaping around your water feature should not be rushed. Is your goal to have the pond blend in with the rest of the garden or do you want it to be highly visible? You should keep at least one side clear of plants to make it accessible. Designing a feature on one side and one end while leaving the rest of the pond clear is a popular landscaping option. Also remember to choose plants that will do well in a moist environment.

Now is the time to appreciate your hard work. In most cases, water features can be one weekend projects. Take the plunge. Include one to your garden and be ready to receive lots of compliments.