When you are shopping for ultra refined fish oil, you will see that supplements come in a variety of forms and concentrations. Some manufacturers add other ingredients to “enhance” the health benefits. They might even offer a free sample. But, before you fall for the advertising gimmicks, take a moment to learn about the things that are really important. First, let’s talk about those “free” samples.

In order to get a free sample, you must sign up for auto-ship programs. The manufacturers say that you can cancel at any time, but customers have found it difficult to contact the company.

The discounts that the manufacturers offer are not really significant. The supplements are overpriced in the first place. You will see that if you shop around.

One of the more expensive supplements contains the highly touted acai berry, even though the benefits of that ingredient are questionable, at best. The best ultra refined fish oil supplements stand alone, meaning that they are beneficial when taken alone or in combination with a good multi-nutritional supplement. There is no real need to add other ingredients.

Most all of the liquid supplements contain added flavors. This manufacturer says that the added flavor improves the taste and makes it easier to take. The problem is that the fragrance can mask the smell of rancid oils.

Fish oils have a very short shelf-life. They can quickly become rancid. If there are no added flavorings, then you can easily identify this, because they start to smell like rotten fish.

Taking rancid oils can make you sick, but there are other risks as well. Rancid oils are oxidized, which means they contain free radicals.

Ideally, ultra refined fish oil would neutralize some free radicals, because it has some antioxidant activity. There is reason to believe that the natural triglycerides have a higher degree of antioxidant activity, because they may provide some selenium or other antioxidants.

However, the natural triglycerides are prone to contain contaminants. If a manufacturer provides the natural triglyceride form, they should be able to prove that the oils have been tested for and are free of mercury, lead and cancer-causing dioxins.

There is also reason to believe that the natural triglyceride form has more anti-inflammatory activity than ultra refined fish oil that has been molecularly distilled. Again, this may be due to the presence of selenium or some other factor that the heat of molecular distillation removes.

The only disadvantage of the natural triglycerides is lower omega3 concentration. Some manufacturers have found a solution to that problem. They add the natural triglyceride form to a concentrated ester. That way, each capsule still provides at least 500mg of omega3 fatty acids.

You need to look carefully at what the supplement facts on the label are actually saying. Some labels list the amount of omega3s that are provided in two capsules. That’s misleading.

Now that you have the facts about ultra refined fish oil, it should be easy to tell the difference between the advertising gimmicks and a valid health claim. Take your time and don’t be misled.