For many of us, writing copy is designed not to just impart information. In many situations, we design our writing to impress.

Whether you're churning out reports for work, essays for class or articles for publications, impressing the readers can lead to better results. For the student, memorable essays can mean higher marks. For an employee, impressive reports can mean greater chances for promotion. For a professional writer, gaining people's admiration can mean more work opportunities. There are very real benefits that come with being esteemed for your command of the written word, so why not work for great results every chance you get?

Common Mistakes

When trying to impress, most people commit the mistake of trying too hard. They use big words whose essence get lost in the context of their copy and employ complex phrases that serve to do nothing but pollute their work. Even worse, they try to fit in with their audience, using jargon that frequently come across awkward.

Clean Writing

While experience will play a lot into the actual quality of the way you express ideas, you should at least do the bare minimum to ensure that your copy is clean and free from avoidable mistakes. Spelling and grammar errors, for instance, can easily be caught and remedied by a good text checking software. Use your all-in-one's style capabilities to shape your copy into professional form. What you lack in experience, you can make up for in technical competence and an English writing software can help you get to that point.

What discouraged you to write in the past? For some, it was those writing classes in school, turning in papers that received red marks of all sorts. For others, it's the difficulty of putting paper without any assurance that your ideas are coming across the way you want them to.

Whatever caused you to shy away from the written word, there's really little reason to adopt the same attitude now. For the most part, writing has become easier than it has ever been, all with the help of modern technology.

Spell Checkers

If you are haunted by perpetually bad spelling, you will be glad to know that the problem is now 100% solvable. Even with the most basic spell checkers assisting you, your copy can be free of misspelled words as easily as the touch of a button.

Grammar Checkers

Good grammar follows a set of rules. As long as you adhere to them, your writing should turn out clear and understandable. As such, faulty grammar can easily be fixed by a good English writing software, which runs through your text, checks to see if they follow the rules and provides you the results. Forget about keeping a grammar book to constantly refer to - just express your ideas and let the software clean it up.

Style Checkers

An even more modern technological development in writing are style checkers, which helps fine-tune and shape your copy based on what writing style you're going after. These go way beyond correctness into the realm of beautifully-rendered content.

All-In-One Solutions

The great thing is you can have all these functionality and more with only a single software purchase. Modern all-in-one writing software include all these capabilities, helping you create the best writing possible - even if you're armed with just moderate skills.