What makes a good leader? We need to understand the basic of leadership development. This subject is in fact subjective that most of us don't want to write about it. We simply want to resist writing about leadership and development and all the training courses of leadership. Apart from this a number of such questions simply keep on popping our mind and we find tough finding any answers. Most of these questions would be like Are leaders man made or natural? How can we train leaders? Or even can we make leaders out of nothing?

So the basic fact is to take a hard glance at the term a good leader. Even if you may be thinking that you certainly are not a good leader, but there may be certain areas in your life where most of other people might have seen you as a leader. Some of the important qualities and skills that a leader must have need to be understood carefully. Training when applied to a leader is certainly a misnomer. So any of the leadership training programs is at least expected to include a passing reference.

One needs to understand the concept of leadership. So this is possible by having live debates and discussions about a good leadership. We need to understand what is the definition of leadership and what it actually means. We also need to widen the definition such that it exceeds much beyond the traditional meaning of leadership and mingles with the stereotypes. One also needs to have a very personal understanding of individual qualities.

It is also very much important that you understand the real difference between a leadership and a management. You need to understand how most of the successful people perceive their perception and turn their dreams into reality. One may even compare this with some of the great leaders of the time like Martin Luther or Mahatma Gandhi or even Dhirubhai Ambani. These were the people who were a true visionary. They dreamt of a dream and had the power to turn it into a reality.

You need to make assumptions on the basic fact that how most of us see the world. And then you also need to establish an ownership of you leadership skills. So it is more important to make developments around the trainer other than the trainee. We know that no cookie cutter would ever model here. Anyone can develop their qualities to lead others. Even when someone asks a direction for a certain place we act as leaders. We guide him. We help people in the churches by preaching them. We help our collages in creating more sales reports. We lead the nation by being MLA or a Minister or even president. We lead a project by being scientists or even a programmer who leads the IT firm. There are so many roles that we may imagine where each one of us acts as a leader.

So if you are committed enough that you can use these qualities and add it to everything that is there in your life I am sure you can be a good leader. In fact anyone of us can be a great leader.