A leader is one who leads and his ability to influence and at the same time motivate all the people around him and to control their minds and achieve all of the desired objectives is what is meant by leadership. So, in order to lead it is very much important that one should have certain leadership qualities in him. A leader is a person who in fact walks the talk. He leads a group of people by motivating them.

So, each and every word that he speaks and each and every action that he takes in fact convey certain message to his people. No one is a born leader. Leadership qualities cannot be achieved by anyone in their mother’s womb although this fact is often argued that leaders are always born natural and not made. Even if we take this as a truth, still one fact remains that most of the leaders learn leadership qualities over a period of time. Some of the most important qualities of a leadership are the ability to handle pressure without actually losing your focus. A good leader would always rise against the highest tide facing it boldly.

A leader would always show a much practical approach towards any problem rather than showing a simple approach and at the same time try and exhibit patience with self-belief and all the courage in the world to accept his mistakes. Believe me not much people out there ever have the courage to accept their own mistakes. A leader is a person who always needs to communicate with his people. So a leader should have an excellent communication skill. They should in fact be able to link their wires with their people so that everyone feels more comfortable in expressing themselves in front of a leader. It is very important that a leader develops heart-to-heart relationship with all of his people.

A leader is a person who is a visionary. He should be able to see and understand the future so that it becomes an easy task to take decisions. Visionary is a quality that is usually considered as insane in its early stages but later on has the power to change the face of history. A leader should always be capable enough to take any amount of risk as gain comes with risk. A leader should in fact not be confined to a lying shell in a comfortable corner. Or in other words he should simply not be satisfied with what ever he has achieved, as our achievements are already history.

Leader should constantly motivate himself as it would help a true leader to synchronize with the present time. It will also prepare him to face new challenges. A leader should always be honest to himself as well as to his people. Every one has a tremendous faith in our leaders; moreover it is a common saying that preaching is easier as compared to practicing. A leader should be a man of action. So a leader is one who shows consistency not to change his stance but the stance of the masses.